Sirius 11F84 – Colours of light 2024

Sirius 11F84 - Colours of light 2024


25. Oktober 2024 - 27. Oktober 2024    


Ewaldstraße 20, 45699 Herten, Nordrhein-Westfalen , 45699


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Sirius 11F84 – Colors of light
Age: 18 years and older
When: 25.10.-27.10.2024 international
Where: Herten, Kreativ.Campus in NRW, Germany
Organizer: Waldritter e.V.
Price: 150,- Euro (100,- Euro Youngster-Ticket / reduced price)
sign up: Registration is open until June 30, 2024, via this form.

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What is the story about
A representative delegation of 4-8 humans is sent to the interstellar association on the planet New Orea after Earth’s first contact, in order to apply for admission to the association. Here the Earthlings encounter an extraterrestrial, utopian civilization whose behavior and communication is so different that problems and misunderstandings arise.

This experimental edu-larp is about frustrating misunderstandings in another world that take you out of your comfort zone. The larp aims to inspire you to see the world through different eyes and broaden your horizons. The edu-larp shows you beauty, but it´s not a feel-good larp.

For larp newcomers, it offers guidance to character-play and a plot full of strange encounters. For larp veterans, the larp offers a space to explore complex character techniques and give life to a mysterious alien species.


Environment: The larp will use light and sound effects. If you are sensitive to these, please contact the organisers.

Player Choice: The Orean play will involve close and extended interactions with fellow players, including shared decision-making.

The larp is aimed at newcomers as well as experienced larpers.


We will meet at the Ludothek of the Waldritter e.V. on Friday for the start at 4pm.
We will start with a workshop to introduce the rules and the setting. The LARP will end on Saturday evening. After a reflection of the game on Sunday, the event ends at 1 pm.

Overnight stays will be in shared rooms in double bunk beds with pillows and blankets.

The game will be held at the Kreativ.Campus Herten, (Ewaldstr. 16, 45699 Herten, Germany) – and especially in an old Woolworth department store (1600sqm), which the Waldritter e.V. bought a few years ago and converted into a spaceship LARP location.

Therefore, please bring the following with you in any case:
– sheets and covers for pillows / blankets
– towels

Character Roles
Character roles are written, linked and assigned by the organisers. Adjustments can be made in consultation.
Role assignments (Terran or Orean) are sent out one month prior.
Note: Some of the players who are open to both roles upon registration may receive roles later for organisational flexibility (e.g., due to sickness of other players).
Detailed Terran character roles will be distributed on-site. The Orean players will receive character information 1-2 weeks before the game, and concrete character roles also on-site. This time is intentionally kept short, as this is a ready-to-play larp, and we want to avoid imposing a long preparation time on anyone. Therefore, we will conduct no pre-play; participants can come to the larp without any arrangements or preparation.
There will be 4-8 Terrans and 24 Oreans. The roles of the Earthlings are primarily intended for newcomers to the larp, and associated introductory workshops are planned for them. For the Oreans, there will be intensive character, relationship and meta-technique workshops.


Play via scenes and conflicts
The larp will be played in several scenes and thus offers a time for rest in the night for the organisers and participants. We will start with the final scene to experience how the ending (happy ending) occurred during the game (so-called fate play). Thus, the very first play interactions will follow a script on which the rest of the larp then builds.
This means that play with conflict and emotional outbursts is welcome, but an escalation should never go so far that no solution can be found. There will be no deaths.


More information in the design document.

Updates here and on facebook.


Registration is open until June 30, 2024, via this form.

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Sirius 11F84 – シリウス11F84 光の色
There was another run of this experimental edu-larp on the January 20, 2024 in Japanese in Tokyo, Japan.
For more information ask Björn-Ole Kamm (